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Position: JAVA/REST with Groovy Location: Minneapolis, MN Looking for senior 8“15-year people, rates open Top Development Must Have: JAVA/REST with Groovy AWS/GCP Job Description: This team builds and manages highly scalable and performant API’s and pipelines that are deployed to two different public cloud data centers. The team follows Agile methodology to manage delivery of application features. Position Summary/Job Description: In this role, you will be part of a high-performance engineering team that partners with various domain to deliver innovative solutions that improve the customer dotcom experience. You will partner with BSAs, Product Managers and Engineers to validate the system against the requirements. You will be expected to maintain the thoroughness needed to be able to rapidly deliver functionality with a dev-ops slant. How much time will the resource spend pair programming? No specific pair programming, but you will be required to pair with other engineers to determine the optimal solution for your various feature or task. Skills Overview: What are the top five skills and number of years of experience required to perform this job? At least 8 years of experience for all the following · Experience building highly scalable and performing applications (candidate understands considerations for state, session management, caching, consistency, concurrency, threading, messaging, and inter-system dependencies) · Highly proficient in industry current software development techniques (patterns, principles, and processes) · Advanced expertise in developing REST web services using Groovy, Java, Jersey, and Spring. · Candidate must be prepared to pair program in a TDD and Agile environment with senior level engineers. · BS/MS in computer science or engineering (or equivalent professional experience) What are some preferred/nice to have skills the manager is looking for? · Experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products like Data Flow, Cloud SQL, Big Query, AI Platform, etc. is highly desirable · Experience with Machine Learning libraries is a plus · Proficient in Mac OS and/or IntelliJ for development · Any level of experience with NoSQL data stores (Riak, Cassandra, etc.) and/or Splunk is a plus. · Knowledge of and working experience with open-source software (e.g., Apache, Tomcat, etc.). · Experience performance testing and subsequent tuning of web services including caches, web servers and data stores. · Experience with Cloud Computing platforms (e.g., Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Hadoop, etc.) · DevOps infrastructure experience (chef, puppet, open stack) Will there be a Hacker Rank test Required for this REQ? There will be a coding test. Prescreening Questions: Must be submitted on resume, no exceptions! · How much pairing would you do in a typical day of your ideal job? · If you have any experience with Google Cloud Platform, describe it in a few sentences. Techniques used, tips/tricks, etc. and successes. · If your team consisted of primarily senior level peers (i.e., no defined team lead), please describe the personality traits that would be important and how you feel you would fit in such a team. · If you had to build a REST web service from scratch, what tools and technologies would you select? Be prepared to justify your selections during an interview. · If you were leading a new team, what processes, procedures and tools would you implement to ensure efficient and quality development? Be prepared to justify your selections during an interview. · What does refactoring mean to you? · Read the qualities below of the ideal candidate for the team, do you feel you are an ideal candidate and why? Interview Process Overview: Up to 2 video-conferencing interviews.

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