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GPAC is looking for a Field Tech (LMR/Two-Way/Mission Critical Systems) 

FIELD TECHNICIAN Role is based primarily on maintenance, installation, minor parameter configuration, box-level repair, plus learning and growth. Can handle on-call shifts as a first responder. Is a certified CET in at least one journeyman category. Is factory-trained on specific ARMER-level equipment (MN) Motorola-certified in R56 system installation standards. Personal and Professional Qualifications: Characterized by knowledge, experience, attitude, capability, curiosity, desire to learn and become better, independence, responsibility, detail, quality, reliability, and constancy, on call response, whatever it takes attitude. Essential qualities: self-reliance, confidence, proven capability, political (customer relationship) awareness, integrity beyond question, customer intimacy, experience, knowledge, ability to shift gears on the fly as situations warrant, creativity, think-on-your-feet, focus, drive, commitment to the role. Awareness of, but not necessarily limited by, time (work until you get it right). Curiosity, need to know, learn, sense of constructive dissatisfaction (everything can be improved upon) Knowledge Base; assumes mastery of an item. A person can go and do that work with the information and resources they have on hand independently and routinely. All the Installation Technician items below, plus: Project management understanding, able to run with the process and document and perform as needed. Equipment failure diagnosis and repair of various type of equipment to the box level Participate in the on-call rotation as a first responder up to limits of training; able to communicate with customers to determine possible problem and act accordingly. Field tech basic site surveys; location, access, contacts, photographs Teaching and training others to reach this level. Install, troubleshoot, customer train, and maintain the following systems to the box level in shop and field: BDA systems; install, basic troubleshooting and operational verification. IP-based camera system configuration, installation, and testing. Camera systems; IP, analog, basic photography (lenses, lighting, etc) MCC7500; failure diagnosis Simulcast and multicast paging stations. Mobile equipment operating in a 12/24VDC environment; programming and testing. Portable communication devices and accessories; programming and testing Point-to-Point and multipoint microwave and data transport systems Tower work processes, safety, knowledge, and awareness (not necessarily tower work), towers, lighting, Equipment interfacing; audio, DC contacts, IP, RS232, DC power, Fiber awareness and go-no go testing. Battery plants, DC power supply and distribution, backup power, maintenance and repair, battery swaps HVAC knowledge and familiarity, (go/no go) Grounding and bonding; towers, building, power systems, multi-room facilities, Motorola R56 Two-Way communications; mobiles, portables, base stations, sites, repeaters, adjunct facilities, and devices, Astro/P25, DMR, analog Radio programming, bench and field, cloning, archiving, simple parameter changes, group, and solo programming/firmware upgrade participation RF Interference and intermodulation identification testing processes, Cloud-based PTT communication PC (personal computer); box-level troubleshooting, setup, software installs, backup, use as a t


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