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Varsity Tutors is looking for a Brooklyn Center Geometry Tutor  #TutorJobs

Brooklyn Center Geometry Tutor Jobs Varsity Tutors for Schools is partnering with school districts across the country to provide equitable access to high-dosage tutoring for all students through the Varsity Tutors platform. As a school tutor on the Varsity Tutors platform, you can provide consistent, personalized learning in an effort to close both the learning and the opportunity gap. Why join our platform? Enjoy competitive rates and get paid up to 2x per week. Choose to tutor as much or as little as you want. Get paired with students best-suited to your teaching style and preferences (from thousands of potential clients). Reach underserved communities through our partnerships with school districts. Tutor online (i.e. work remotely) using Varsity Tutors purpose-built Live Learning Platform. Students can take adaptive assessments through the platform and share results to help you decide where to focus. What we look for in a school tutor: You are comfortable working with students who might be struggling or one to two grade levels behind. You have excellent communication skills and a friendly, approachable personality. You have the ability to personalize lessons for each student. Discover all the ways you can reach students through the online platform: Explore options like 1-on-1 Online Tutoring, Small Group Classes, Large Live Classes, and Instant Tutoring. About Varsity Tutors Our mission is to transform the way people learn. We do this by leveraging advanced technology, AI, and the latest in learning science to facilitate a personalized learning experience. Please note: Varsity Tutors does not contract in: Alaska, California, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia or Puerto Rico.

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